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The school is divided into five wings i.e. Pre Primary, Primary, Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary. Emphasis is not on rote- learning but complete comprehension of the subject.

Pre-primary or play way :-

The child-centered Kindergarten is a place where children are nurtured and allowed to grow at their own pace. (ECDP) Early Child Development Program for pre-primary is ‘CAP’ which is an abbreviation for Cognitive, affective and Psychomotor areas of child’s development.

Primary School Academics:-

The EEDP for primary stage focuses mainly on development areas :- Creativity, Academics, Modern Technology and Personality features through CAMP system. We provide a curriculum with trans disciplinary approach to learning. Primary programme has identified four themes or areas of knowledge, which have been seen as having significance for all students. These board organizing themes, address the fields of knowledge which form the traditional disciplines, but presents them in a way which transcends those disciplines. Those organizing thems are re-visited throughout the student’s years of schooling to become an articulated curriculum content from pre-kinder garten to secondary school.

Middle School Academics :-

The middle School Development Programe (MSDP) division consists of Grades 6th, 7th and 8th. At the middle school the faculty and staff are committed to develop the academic foundation and maintain the excitement for education that was instilled at the EEDP stage. The middle school curriculum is designed to faster maximum growth in the intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, physical and cultural areas. The teachers use visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile teaching method in the class rooms in order to engage, motivate and stimulate each student.

Secondary and Sr. Secondary School Academic Excellence :-

At Secondary and Sr. Secondary level, the educational programme is extensive and challenging with students being encouraged to work with increasing independence. The emphasis is laid upon independent enquiry while rote and passive learning is discouraged by promoting Higher Order Thinking Skill (HOTS). By focusing on understanding the individual needs of each of our students, we aim to encourage the very best levels of performances from each child.

Unlocking the full potential of each student is the key and we follow a structured approach to achieve this.

Class sizes are healthy, giving opportunity for greater teacher- student interaction.

The following subject combinations are available in the school for the Sr. Secondary levels.

Commerce :-

English compulsory, Accounts, Business Studies, Economics, Maths, Physical Education, Hindi, Computer Science ( any four opt.)

Humanities :-

English, Hindi, Compulsory Maths, History, Business Studies, Economics, Computer Science, Physical Education, Sanskrit, Music, Geography, (any three opt.)

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