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Vishva Shiksha Niketan School Philosophy...

It is painful to see our younger generation being alienated from our culture & social life in the process of being educated. Acquiring education has become a very costly venture and a gradual process of being denationalized. It breeds in the young, raw minds a false sense of superiority and a hatred for the poor, illiterate mass of our countrymen. They don’t have any sympathy or concern for their brethren who are not as privileged as they are. A sense of alienation which takes root in them during the process of education festers into a malignant growth which disintegrates our national life. VISHVA SHIKSHA NIKETAN SCHOOL aims at facing this challenge. Man is neither soul nor body. He is born out of the union of matter and soul. Matter is the medium through which the soul manifests itself along with its many other qualities, good as well as bad. The purpose of education is to explore all what is good in human personality and annihilate all that is bad. In human life there are five centres of human energy which are called body, senses, mind, intellect and soul. The task of education is to purify all these centres of energy and develop the inherent potentialities. A sound and healthy system of education aims at the all-round development of personality. VISHVA SHIKSHA NIKETAN SCHOOL seeks to achieve this ideal of education in establishing residential/day boarding/and day schools. VISHVA SHIKSHA NIKETAN SCHOOL offers such pattern of education which includes Indian cultural heritage and modern scientific achievement to make the personality of a child in a healthy & sound way. The school stands for imparting high quality education where wide emphasis is laid on the national and moral aspect which is lacking in our present educational set up. I am sure that VISHVA SHIKSHA NIKETAN SCHOOL, will be the citadel of an ideal education which would integrate the achievements of an ancient spiritual culture with the discipline of modern sciences. It offers a systematic education in science, the wisdom of our ancient rishis and involving moral perspective on achievements of science in the modern age. I wish Educational Centres started by the Mission may become a source of inspiration to the thinkers of world and herald the beginning of a real education. It is on you, my helpers and well wishers to realize this ideal.So, in all humility, I appeal to my countrymen and the people of all countries to contribute whichever way they can, to bring these institutes into existence to save our culture and moral values of life.

- Brahmrishi Vishwatma Bawra Ji Maharaj
Founder Director, Vishva Shiksha Niketan School, Pinjore
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