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The middle wing curriculum weaves a dynamic and vibrant tapestry of learning, creating an environment that sparks curiosity and captivates the Xaverians’ intellectual engagement. We fervently encourage students to traverse uncharted territories, embracing new ideas, and immersing themselves in experiential learning. This hands-on approach ensures that the learning experience is not just theoretical but deeply relevant and authentic, aligning seamlessly with our motto: Explore, Engage, and Excel.

Our ultimate goal is to nurture individuals who emerge as self-sufficient citizens ready to contribute responsibly to a global community. The foundation laid during this phase serves as a mold, propelling students to shine brightly and excel in all facets of life.

Within the scholastic domain, we prioritize:

1. Mathematics and Language Teaching: Building a strong foundation in mathematical and language skills.
2. We Time: Fostering collaborative learning experiences.
3. Calligraphy: Cultivating the art of beautiful writing.
4. Environmental Studies: Instilling awareness about the environment.
5. Experimentation and Science Sparks: Encouraging hands-on exploration and experimentation.
6. IT Education: Integrating technology into the learning process.

In the co-scholastic domain, students delve into:

1. Art Education: Stimulating creativity through artistic expression.
2. Music/Dance: Nurturing talents in the realm of music and dance.
3. Physical Education: Promoting physical well-being and an active lifestyle.

Beyond the traditional curriculum, our approach transcends through activities like General Knowledge, Vocabulary Builder, and Cultural Exchange Programmes. These initiatives enrich the students’ overall development, fostering a holistic understanding of the world.

Co-Scholastic Domains such as Art and Physical Education play a pivotal role in instilling values that impact well-being, including respect, care, and concern for others. Moreover, these domains teach resilience, helping students identify and minimize risks, develop coping strategies for adversity, and access support for themselves and others.

In essence, our middle wing curriculum goes beyond academic excellence, shaping well-rounded individuals equipped to navigate the complexities of life with resilience, creativity, and a sense of responsibility.

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