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Rules to be followed



7.50 A.M. to 2:10 P.M.


8.50 A.M. to 3:10 P.M.
*There can be change in time which will be duly intimated.


  • Minimum annual attendance required is 75% which is mandatory for promotion to the next class.
  • Parents must ensure that their words are regular, punctual and properly dressed in school uniform.
  • Attendance of students in all school activities and functions, particularly celebration of National day(Independence day and Republic day) is compulsory.


Application for leave up to 4 days should be addressed to the Class Teacher and for more than 4 days to the Principal.

  • Medical leave must be accompanied by a medical certificate. No short leave for birthdays ,engagements, or any other family celebrations is encouraged during school hours. Parents are requested to refrain from such requests. Please fill in the leave record form to avail leave(s).
  • A student’s name is liable to be struck of the rolls if he/she has long absence of more than 10 days without information/shortage of attendance.
  • Minimum annual attendance required is 75% which is mandatory for promotion to the next class.


  • Books can be retained for a period of 14 days only. A fine of ₹ 2 per day is levied after that.
  • A book retained for more than 20 days after the expiry of the due date is considered lost.
  • Defaulters are required to replace/ pay the existing cost of the book or face loss of membership for the term.
  • Books are reissued for a longer period on request and at the discretion of the librarian.
  • Students must enter the library with the library card


We believe all students have the right to an education environment conducive to. learning save from physical and psychological abuse. No student will be allowed to disturb this process and/or interfere with the right of others.We expects students to exhibit responsible behaviour. The discipline policy is designed to hold students  accountable for their actions & promote more responsible behaviour through logical consequences.

Students must:

  1. Treat each other and elders with respect and courtesy.
  2. Show respect for the building and campus.
  3. Conduct oneself as an orderly and purposeful person.
  4. Respond appropriately to elder’s requests.
  5. Use language and behaviour appropriate to the school setting.

Unlawful or inappropriate behaviour during regular school hours, in school premises aur School sponsored events is prohibited.

The following constitute inappropriate behaviour

  1. Failure to follow reasonable direction of school personnel.
  2. Showing in subordination.
  3. Disrupting classes.
  4. Disrespecting the school staff, fellow students and visitors.
  5. Demonstrating aggression, using vulgar language or indecent gestures towards an adult or any other student in the school.
  6. This respecting religious beliefs.
  7. Aggressive/Harassment: unlawful thread (verbal or physical), Attempt two causing physical hard to another persons and behaviour including fighting, bullying & ragging.
  8. Stealing/lifting
  9. Forgery: interfering with documents or communication between school and home i.e. forging parents signature.
  10. Intersecting reports, trip requests etc.
  11. Skipping assembly
  12. Coming late to school
  13. Carrying electronic gadgets i.e. cell phones, I-Pods,DVDs/CDs/Pen Drives/Portable storage devices and cameras etc.
  14. Wearing incomplete/untidy uniform
  15. Loitering in the campus.
  16. Misusing computers and internet.
    • (a) Using computers is for education benefit of students. Access to internet is provided as a privilege to students who agree to act in a considerate and responsible manner.
    • (b) Permission to use computers and internet will be given only at the recommendation of a teacher and if possible under the supervision of the concerned teacher.
  17. Entering prohibited area i.e. Examination Room, Staff Room etc.


The school authorities make initiate action as deemed appropriate. These may include but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Notice to parents (written or verbal)
  2. Impositions of fine
  3. Withdrawal of privileges
  4. Suspension
  5. Rustication

A student’s name can be struck of the school roll by the Principal at any time on any of the following grounds

  • Breach of morality, considered serious by the School
  • Non payment of monthly school fees up to last date of month.
  • Irregularity or shortage of attendance.
  • Misbehaviour by the student or his\her parents with any school employee.
  • unsatisfactory progress in academics.

Note:-The Principal’s decision on the above mentioned points will be final and non challengchable.


Any parent desirous of withdrawal of his/her ward from the school has to apply for the TRANSFER CERTIFICATE through the school office. This request must be submitted one calendar month prior to withdrawal, failing which, one installment of fee in lieu of notice will be charged.

TC will be issue to the parent with in  4 days of request and and SECURITY REFUND will be cleared with in a month of the no dues receipt. Security will be refunded through a crossed cheque which may be collected from the school office. All refunds will be made as per School rules. These cheques may also be sent by post on request. In such cases, parents will leave a self addressed, stamped envelope with the school office.

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