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The preparatory school program is meticulously designed to cultivate a dynamic and immersive learning environment, fostering curiosity and inquisitiveness among learners. Our approach encourages continuous engagement in observation, questioning, and probing, propelling students to delve deeper into concepts and enrich their cognitive understanding. We are dedicated to incorporating an empirical approach into our curriculum, ensuring a conscious and deliberate effort to enhance the learning experience.

Our focus areas encompass the utilization of varied learning contexts and tools for inquiries, employing multiple evaluation methods to assess a child’s development, and nurturing the development of independent and self-reliant learners. Aligned with the NCERT framework, our curriculum seamlessly integrates assessments with the teaching-learning pedagogical approach.

Within the scholastic domains, we emphasize:

1. Mathematics and Language Teaching: Providing a strong foundation in mathematical and language skills.
2. We Time: Facilitating collaborative learning experiences.
3. Calligraphy: Promoting the art of beautiful writing.
4. Environmental Studies: Cultivating awareness about the environment.
5. Experimentation and Science Sparks: Encouraging hands-on exploration and experimentation.
6. IT Education: Integrating technology into the learning process.

In the co-scholastic domains, we foster development in:

1. Art Education: Stimulating creative expression through artistic endeavors.
2. Music/Dance: Nurturing talents in the realm of music and dance.
3. Physical Education: Promoting physical well-being and an active lifestyle.

Our comprehensive and continuous assessment approach spans both scholastic and co-scholastic domains. Conducted in two terms per academic session for each class, assessments align meticulously with learning objectives. Formative and summative assessments map the progress of learners, ensuring a holistic understanding of their academic and holistic development. This ensures that our preparatory school program not only imparts knowledge but also equips students with the skills and independence needed for a successful educational journey.

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